Marvel Fact Files - Vehicles & Gadgets

A series of cut-away illustrations produced for the Marvel Fact Files magazine. Double and tripple gatefolds. Showing the inner workings of Space Ships, Gadgets and Vehicles used by Marvel characters. Line drafts were first created in Illustrator for client approval, then rendered in Photoshop.

Galactus detail: Showing the 'Punisher Robots' leaving the ship.
Helicarrier detail - Showing:  Conference Room, Electronics Lab, Battle Command Centre, Vehicle Bay.
Bridge Time Machine, Fantastic Four. Being repaired by robots.
Bridge Time Machine - Line Draft
Line draft detail:
Colour detail:
SS Icarus detail showing: Proton Pulse Cannon, Crew Quarters, Torpedo & Missile Bay and Hangar Deck.
Pogo - Verticle take off jet, Fantastic Four
Moon Knight's Helicopter
Line Draft for client approval
Line draft detail
Negative Zone Capsule, Fantastic Four, side view
Negative Time Zone detail, open
Negative Time Zone, open
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